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We can all recall having “Satori Moments” when we’ve been effective, empowered, and at our very best. The objective of The Satori Challenge is to help you develop the ability to maximize the amount of time that you are at your very best.

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When you take action and apply yourself to nine weeks of training, nutrition, and mindset mastery, The Satori Challenge will be that all-important tool that helped you start getting the outcomes you wanted.

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9 Healthy Eating Habits that guarantee success, 13 different 15-minute workouts that fit your schedule, learn the Satori mindset of a modern-day warrior, all included in this cutting-edge training program!

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You made it! This is your LAST workout session!

Remember, reach for that goal and make sure to complete our EXIT SURVEY. The survey will be email to you on Sunday. Take the weekend to review your mindsets and new healthy eating habits. While you’re at it find fun activity! Go hiking, enjoy a bike ride, spend time outside with friends and family!

Thank you again for being a part of this focus group!


The final week of the Satori Challenge is here!

To close out the Challenge we will focus on “Eliminate Something Unhealthy from Your Diet” and “I Have So Much to be Thankful For”.

You have put in amazing effort over the last eight weeks and have made some very impressive changes to your eating habits. Over the last few weeks you have taken time to review what you are eating, in what quantities, and when you eat them. I am sure there have been a couple of foods that used to be a regular part of your diet, that are not so healthy, and you are now eating less of it. This week we are going to find some of those things and eliminate them.

Everyone has things in their life they can be thankful for, however we often find ourselves focusing not on the things going right in our lives but instead on those things that are not going the way we would like.

While we all certainly need to be aware of the things that are not going well and proactively address them we don’t want to lose sight of the things that are going well and also make sure that we are setting some time aside to be grateful for them.

Did you meet or surpass your goal(s)?


Everyone can get behind random acts of kindness, and everyone knows how rewarding it can be. “I Bring Value to All My Relationships” is focusing on how powerful taking the time and effort to deliberately commit random acts of kindness can improve not just the way that others feel but how you feel as well.

“When it’s Junk Food Time, Don’t Overdo It”, sounds simple enough right? Guess what, it is.

As we begin to approach the end of the first challenge, take a few moments and reflect on the progress you have made and on the areas that you want to improve during the next challenge?

Have an awesome week!


We are entering the home stretch of the Satori Challenge. 

This week we will be focusing on ways to change the way you view your food choices as well as how you look at yourself in comparison to others.

“Being Healthy and Fit Feels Better Than Tastes” is all about changing your mindset as it relates to food choices.

“I’m Running My Own Race” is similar in that the power of how we chose to view ourselves and our accomplishments can haw a powerful effect on our lives.

This week we will be looking at how we view ourselves and how we compare ourselves to others.


The start of a new week is upon us!

“My Word is Law” is the concept of having good self discipline. Having good self-discipline is something I think we all can see the value of, but going about building the habits of having good self discipline is something that is a challenge in and of itself. This week we will be focusing on how we can train ourselves to have better self discipline and how we can begin to implement “My Word is Law”.

Many of us have been told not to skip meals particularly when dieting. Doing so causes the body to go into starvation mode and we wind up more hungry and likely to binge eat. But eating regularly also sends signals to the body to keep the metabolism burning high more food will soon arrive. For our Healthy Eating Challenge this week we are working on Eat More Often.

How close are you to your goal(s)? Make sure to revisit them each day!


It is time to get started with week five of the Satori Challenge.

Our Mastery Mindset is “I remain calm even in challenging situations”. Our emotional control can be one of our greatest assets when dealing with challenging situations, and that is the focus of our Mastery Mindset this week.

For the Healthy Eating Challenge we will be focusing on “Eating Mindfully”.  This week we will be discussing ways we can be more mindful eaters and how being mindful will not only improve our health but improve how and to what degree we are able enjoy our meals.

Keep up the great work!   


How was your weekend? What was your weekend activity: hiking, bike ride, walk?

Our healthy eating challenge this week is eating smaller portions. We have spent time reviewing hydration and the kinds of foods we should be trying to eat now we are going to take some time and reflect on the amounts we eat and some strategies for ways to help manage portions.

Last week for our Mastery Mindsets we reviewed deflecting negative energy and how important it can be to maintaining joy in our lives and maintaining a positive state of mind. This week we will be working on accepting positive energy and how we need to be just as mindful about accepting the positive influence of others as we are about deflecting the negative.


Welcome to Week #3!

Our Mastery Mindset this week is “I Deflect Negative Energy.”

Our healthy eating focus will be: Eat Fresh and Unprocessed Foods Whenever Possible.

Hey Workout 14 looks familiar! You are now entering the point where your Workout Sessions will start to look familiar. If you think you are ready to try the next level of difficulty, try following the next level of exercises in the video! Routine and repetition help focus the mind. See if you can up your game this week!

You can do it! Remember your GOAL(S)!


Week #2 of the Satori Challenge is here!

Good timber does not grow with ease, the stronger the wind, the stronger the trees. Calm seas make bad sailors. That which does not kill you makes you stronger.  Chances are you have heard one or two of these quotes before.  Perhaps you have even used one of them when talking to a friend or student who is going through hard times.  As a matter of fact, I find it pretty easy to give advice to people who are struggling.  I may phrase it a little nicer than this, but what I basically mean to tell them is, Suck it up. Quit whining. You will get through it. And you will be better for it.  What I find challenging is applying this concept to my own life.  Somehow, it is different when I am the one going through the challenge.  Thus, the creation of the mastery mindset, This Challenge Will Make Me Stronger.

Good luck this week!


The first week of the Satori Challenge is here. This is going to be a transforming journey so remember to play full out and let’s get started. This week’s videos are available on this page. After each video you will see links to the some supporting materials for each video that will help you process and internalize the both messages.

Here’s to a great first week.

Make sure to watch MASTERY MINDSET and HEALTHY EATING CHALLENGE videos on day one first!