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Frequently Asked Questions

First, What is The Satori Challenge?

We can all recall having “Satori Moments” when we’ve been effective, empowered and at our very best.

The objective of The Satori Challenge is to help you develop the ability to maximize the amount of time that you are at your very best. Imagine what it would be like if you were at your very best more of the time. If you fully participate in The Satori Challenge, you will dramatically increase the percentage of time in which you are at your very best, in your ideal performance state.

The Satori Challenge is a 9 week program that focuses on 3 primary areas:

  1. Basic Fitness Training
  2. Practical Healthy Eating
  3. The Mastery Mindset

What is included with the Satori Challenge?

  • You’ll get 13 quick and effective online Satori Fit video workouts, about 16 minutes each. Anyone can do these invigorating workouts because each workout has 3 fitness levels. So whether you are a complete beginner, a weekend golfer or an athlete in peak condition, the Satori Fit workouts will work for you.
  • There are 9 healthy eating guidelines. Each week we’ll send you a video on how to implement one of these guidelines into your daily routine. It’s a simple but powerful way to change the way you eat… Forever.
  • Finally, you’ll learn the 9 points of the Mastery Mindset. Each week, we’ll send you a video explaining one of these mindsets and how it will help you to retrain the way you think and the way you respond to the challenges life throws your way. Think of them as workouts for your mind. Through the course of the 9 week program, you’ll develop positive habits that will last a lifetime. Stack the odds of success in your favor by taking the Satori Challenge and learn to maximize the amount of time that you spend at your best. You’ll never look back.

Here’s what Satori Challenge Is NOT…

  • This is not just another exercise program, but it does have a unique exercise component that emphasizes all three pieces of the fitness puzzle; Strength, Endurance and Flexibility.
  • This is not just another diet program, but the nutritional component of The Satori Challenge will help you look at food and your eating habits in a completely different way.
  • And this is not another goal setting clinic but it will help you to accomplish your goals and more importantly it will help you dramatically improve your outlook on life.


Below are the most frequently asked questions about the technical part of Satori Challenge. If you have experienced a specific technical issue or bug with the site, please fill out a Help form to contact our technical support team.

I found an error on the site, how do I tell Satori Challenge about it?

Please report the issue filling out the Help form, found here.

How do I access my account information?

Click on the “Welcome [Your Username]” link that appears at the top right of the website once you have logged in. This will take you to your account page.

I can’t remember my password.

Click the I forgot my password button located on the Login page of the site. This will help you reset your password.

Where can I go to see my billing history?

Click on the “Welcome [Your Username]” link that appears at the top right of the website once you have logged in. This will take you to your account page.

There you will find your billing history when you scroll down near the bottom of the page, below the “Invoices” section.

How do I add a video to my favorites list?

Open the video you want to add to your favorites list and click the “Add to Favorites” button immediately below the video.

How do I search for a video?

The search box is located in the top right corner of any screen, just to the right of “Favorites.” Click on the search box and type the name of the video or the tag you wish to find.


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